Unsightly Concrete to Bright Seamless flooring

NCM_0215-e1425129654173Commercial Floor 2-day Seamless Flooring Makeover

When a local business owner contacted us regarding her damaged Laundromat floor, we knew we had just the right solution.  Business owners are often hesitant to rejuvenate their floors because they think it will disrupt normal operations and create a set back financially. Fortunately, this is not the case. With minimal downtime, damaged concrete flooring can be repaired and transformed it into a beautiful and easy to maintain seamless floor.

IMG_20140304_125237-e1425129849737Why Polyaspartics?

Over many years of normal wear, concrete starts to crack and damage from the harsh winter trails of salt and water being tracked onto the floor surface.  We started by grinding the concrete slab and made repairs to strengthen and level the substrate in preparation for a fast installation. Polyaspartic protection systems are designed to penetrate the open pores of the concrete floor and bond naturally. Like epoxies, polyaspartics are designed to cure/harden with time and cure much faster, allowing a very quick return to service for any business or homeowner.

The Outcome

In less than two days the transformation was dramatic and beautiful, but much more important, provided the customer with a long-lasting, non-slip, easy to clean floor.  By the morning of the third day, this fifteen-hundred square foot Laundromat was back in business. Now with a new seamless flooring protection system that brightened up the space by reflecting much more light, and the protection it needed to shield from salts, sands, and water from the washing machines.

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