We Know Garage Organization!

If your garage is a mess, let us clean it up! We know that for some people, organization is not their strong suit. That’s ok! We can help install new shelving and cabinetry that will help you reclaim your space and enjoy it like never before. We know all the tricks and secrets that will help you get the most out of your garage — no matter the size — and help you keep everything in its right place!

Organizing With Shelving and Cabinetry


Oftentimes, the biggest issue when it comes to residential garage organization is storage space! If your garage was previously used simply to house vehicles, most likely shelves and cabinets were not an investment priority. Instead, you simply have a large, open room with no real system to build any organization from. That’s where we come in.

We have spent the last 5+ years working with homeowners to design garage organization systems that meet their needs. We have experience with garage owners with varied needs and are confident we can help you, no matter what you want out of your garage space.

The Benefits Of A SLATWALL / STOREWALL Panel System


At Garage Outfitters, we use our heavy duty SLATWALL / STOREWALL panel system to create a customized organizational system that works with and for our customers. Solid core panels lock together with a tongue-and-groove design and are anchored into the studs of your garage wall (so they can take a lot of weight and abuse). They are weatherproof, effective and nearly infinitely customizable.

Once the SLATWALL / STOREWALL is installed, there are literally thousands of accessories that can meet any and every need. With the SLATWALL / STOREWALL system, everything can have a designated place so that you can keep your space organized for the long term. We can create an area for hanging your tools; add shelving; install cabinetry; and truly customize and arrange the storage space in a way that is most conducive to your work and use of the space. Whether you would like us to do all the work and have it ready for you to use or you are more of a DIY type and want us to leave the customizing to you, we can help!

Don’t let a lack of organization take the enjoyment and usefulness from your garage — reclaim it with our help! Garage Outfitters is here to help you get the most out of your space. Contact us today for more information or for a free estimate!


As durable as concrete is, there are still times when you may need some concrete repair. We provide this service every day to help keep your environment safe and looking good!