We Repair Concrete Floors!


When it comes to construction — specifically flooring — there are a lot of advantages to concrete. It is generally durable, cost-effective, and even relatively environmentally friendly! Unfortunately, when a concrete floor is subject to the barrage of everyday use and isn’t properly protected, it can develop some unsightly and even potentially dangerous problems. Luckily we know how to help!


A concrete floor is incredibly firm and durable, but when it isn’t properly protected it can develop cracks. Whether it is from the settling of the building or changes in temperature, it is a common problem that unsealed concrete floors suffer from. When a concrete floor becomes cracked, those cracks will start to gather debris and liquids that have made their way onto the floor. This can allow for bacteria and mold to grow, which isn’t just unsightly, it’s unhealthy! At Garage Outfitters and A&G Seamless Floors, we can repair any cracks in your concrete flooring and apply an epoxy or polyaspartic sealant to protect your floors in the future.

Chipping and Pitting

Accidents happen. Especially when you’re working with heavy equipment in a fast-paced environment. Regardless of whether we’re talking about a commercial environment or a residential environment, something will inevitably fall or get dropped, causing an unprotected concrete floor to chip and develop pits.

A pit in a concrete floor can be very dangerous. It creates an uneven surface that can gather debris and liquid, and can cause a person to fall and become seriously injured. At Garage Outfitters and A&G Seamless Floors, we are equipped to fill in the pits in your concrete flooring and protect it with a polyaspartic or epoxy coating that will keep it from developing the same problems down the line.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Concrete Repair

No matter what kind of shape your concrete floor is in, we have the equipment, expertise and experience to fix the problem. When our experts are finished, your concrete flooring will look even better than the day it was put in, and will be much better protected to boot! Contact us today to find out how we can help you get new life out of your concrete surface!