We Install Kennel Flooring

Kennels and animal shelters are busy and easily dirtied places. Between all of the animals running around and all of the people running around trying to take care of those animals, an improper floor can become unsafe and unsanitary very quickly – but we can help! At A&G Seamless Floors, we have extensive experience installing and repairing floors for kennels and other animal facilities, and understand just what you need from your floor.

Kennel Floors Take A Lot Of Punishment


Anyone who is around animals for an extended period of time knows the potential damage they can cause to a floor. From untrimmed nails to bodily fluids, they can wreak havoc on the wrong type of flooring. That’s why we’re here. At A&G Seamless Floors, we know what your floor will face and how to prepare it to stand up to the abuse.

In addition to being durable, our floors are slip-resistant. That’s good news for animals and people alike. Animals with longer, more fragile legs won’t slide around on our floors like they would on other floors; this helps prevent dangerous accidents that can lead to broken bones. This also comes in handy for the people who work with the animals, as they’re bound to step in a pile or puddle from time to time.

Seamless Floors Are The Answer

A seamless floor can prevent a lot of the damage an animal can do. With no pits, cracks or seams, cleanup is a breeze. There’s no place for the offending liquids and solids to hide, so you know you’ve gotten every bit. This goes a long way towards preventing bacteria growth and the spread of diseases. At A&G, all of our floors are stain- and chemical-resistant as well, so you can trust that you’ll be left with a brand-new-looking floor, even after cleanup.

We Can Equip You With Added Protection

In addition to the traditional epoxy flooring options, you may want to consider a polyaspartic or urethane coating. This adds an extra layer of protection and can be customized to the color or style you want using pigments or vinyl chips. This extra layer also helps prevent the ambering that can occur when unprotected floors are exposed to UV light.

Properly maintained, our kennel flooring systems can last 10 years or more, without ever needing to be repaired or resurfaced. If you’d like to know more about our kennel floor installations and coatings, contact us today! We’ll even provide you with a free estimate!


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