Check Out Our Extensive Color Selections

When it comes to choosing a color and pattern for your polyaspartic-protected floor, the possibilities are endless! The color and look of your floor is determined by the mix of vinyl paint chips broadcast into the base coat. We stock a multitude of color selections and can even assist when only a custom mix will do!

We typically stock 8-12 different mixes (in the 1 / 4” and 1 / 16 “ size). Custom colors and mixes can be ordered and you can even design or choose a custom graphic to be sealed into your topcoat protection. If you have any questions about our color selections or the options available for your home or business, just let us know — we’re more than happy to assist!


Pigment – Cantilever Tan Pigment – Tan Pigment – Dark Grey Pigment – Light Grey
Dolphin – 1/4″ Dolphin – 1/16″ Olive 1/4″ Olive – 1/16″
Saddle Tan – 1/4″ Saddle Tan – 1/16″ Terrazzo 1/4″ Terrazzo – 1/16″
Tuxedo – 1/4″ Tuxedo – 1/16″ Aquamarine – 1/4″ Tech Blue – 1/4″


When it comes to polyaspartic and polyurea coatings, you need the pros at A&G Seamless Floors for quality work that will stand up to hard use year after year.