Garage Outfitters Resurfaces Vermont Garage Floor

Is your garage floor showing wear from years of use and salt damage? Is it hard to clean and look less than appealing? If so, we at Garage Outfitters in Williston, Vermont, have been awaiting your call and can help you repair and seal your concrete garage floor. Using our polyaspartic protection systems, preceded by expert preparation and floor repair, Garage Outfitters has completed work on hundreds of concrete floors. Many of our projects have been residential garage floors, which have seen years of wear and degradation.

Just this week, Garage Outfitters completed a two-day repair and resurface project for a residential client in Montpelier, Vermont. The garage had seen decades of use, and the floor was strewn with cracks and pitting caused by salt/chemical damage. The first part of this garage floor restoration involved grinding the entire floor with our commercial grinder/vacuum set up, and detailed repair to the cracks using a two-component, fast-cure epoxy. At the end of day one, all the cracks were filled and ground (to ensure a flat surface for our polyaspartic protection system application), and the floor was thoroughly vacuumed to prepare it to accept our seamless resinous flooring application the following day.

Many times, a concrete floor can be prepped (ground and vacuumed) and receive its polyaspartic application the same day. Polyaspartics cure very quickly, and allow us to complete our two coat application (with a vinyl paint chip broadcast/inclusion) in one day. Within twenty-four hours, the protection application in completely cured and the floor can be returned to service; vehicles can even be parked back in the garage after only 24 hours!

Because of the extent of the wear and damage, this project was slotted to be completed in two can. Arriving fresh on the second day, the first coat of polyaspartic protection was rolled on, and a vinyl paint chip broadcast into the paint. Because of the thorough prep and vacuuming, the floor was dry and porous, and allowed the liquid paint to penetrate the concrete. This means the protective polyaspartic is bonded integrally into the concrete floor. By the end of the day, we had applied our clear topcoat of polyaspartic and the job was complete. Now, this customer has a garage floor that looks great, is easy to clean, and that is chemically resistant to salts, oils, greases, and most household chemicals. No longer will regular use wear away the concrete, and our ten year warranty affords the customer peace of mind in knowing the garage has been improved for the long term.

If you have a garage or concrete floor that needs some attention and could benefit from superior protection, we at Garage Outfitters are anxious to meet you!

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