Garage Outfitters Installs 2000 Square Feet of Seamless Flooring to Locker Rooms in Just One Day

For years and years Richford High School had gotten by with a hard to clean and maintain painted surface in the Boy’s and Girl’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers.  Each year the paint would crack, peel, and lift, and so another coat of paint would be applied to (temporarily) improve the situation.  Enter Garage Outfitters dba A&G Seamless Flooring, with years of experience in professional concrete floor preparation and seamless flooring installation in Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire.

For this application, a 3 coat polyaspartic protection system was chosen as the seamless flooring solution.  Polyaspartics are designed to bond aggressively with properly prepped concrete, are extremely UV stable, and provide a durability and ease of maintenance not found with other flooring systems.  Between the base coat and two topcoats, a layer of vinyl paint chips are broadcast into the polyaspartic liquid, which cures with amazing speed.

Admittedly, as the prep for a resinous or seamless floor is just as important as the application of the liquid, Garage Outfitters’ crew took one full day to remove all layers of old paint, grind the concrete, and to fill all cracks or imperfections in the substrate.  Thereafter, application of the polyaspartic protective flooring system took JUST ONE DAY to install! By the following morning, the locker room, bathroom, and shower floors could be walked on, and by the end of the day were completely ready for full return to service.

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