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Garage Outfitters Installs 2000 Square Feet of Seamless Flooring to Locker Rooms in Just One Day

For years and years Richford High School had gotten by with a hard to clean and maintain painted surface in the Boy’s and Girl’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers.  Each year the paint would crack, peel, and lift, and so another coat of paint would be applied to (temporarily) improve the situation.  Enter Garage Outfitters dba A&G Seamless Flooring, with years of experience in professional concrete floor preparation and seamless flooring installation in Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire.

For this application, a 3 coat polyaspartic protection system was chosen as the seamless flooring solution.  Polyaspartics are designed to bond aggressively with properly prepped concrete, are extremely UV stable, and provide a durability and ease of maintenance not found with other flooring systems.  Between the base coat and two topcoats, a layer of vinyl paint chips are broadcast into the polyaspartic liquid, which cures with amazing speed.

Admittedly, as the prep for a resinous or seamless floor is just as important as the application of the liquid, Garage Outfitters’ crew took one full day to remove all layers of old paint, grind the concrete, and to fill all cracks or imperfections in the substrate.  Thereafter, application of the polyaspartic protective flooring system took JUST ONE DAY to install! By the following morning, the locker room, bathroom, and shower floors could be walked on, and by the end of the day were completely ready for full return to service.

For more information on our seamless flooring solutions, or to get a free quote or reference, just contact us at…Garage Outfitters dba A&G Seamless Floors, 51 Dorset Lane Williston, VT 05495…call us at 802.879.6400…or visit us at our websites… www.garageoutfittersvt.com and www.vermontepoxy.com .

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Seamless Flooring Applied to Basement in Middlebury, Vermont

Recently, Garage Outfitters was contacted by Northern Timbers Construction, to resurface and seal a client’s basement concrete floor. Located in Middlebury, Vermont, this client was preparing to improve the space to a finished basement, and was seeking a flooring product that would look great, act as a water barrier/sealer, and that would be easy to clean.

While Garage Outfitters, located in Williston, Vermont, does install epoxy seamless floors, the choice to use our banner polyaspartic flooring protection system was an easy one in this instance. Polyaspartics have the benefit of curing much faster than epoxies, and bond integrally into a properly prepared concrete slab. Additionally, polyaspartics are very UV stable and so won’t fade or amber with time, and boasts extremely high chemical and wear resistance, resulting in a long-term solution to protecting and beautifying a concrete space. While this particular project was completed over the course of two days, many times Garage Outfitters is able to prepare a concrete slab and apply the polyaspartic protection system in just one day!!!

Proper preparation is crucial to any seamless flooring installation; Garage Outfitters grinds the concrete (or sands the wood) floor prior to any polyaspartic application. On this specific project, grinding removed layers of failing paint applied to the floor in years past, and allowed us to use thin-set cementitious material to fill in areas that were pocked or badly damaged. Following a very thorough vacuuming, to remove all dust and ensure the floor is ready to accept its sealant, the basecoat for the polyaspartic protection system is applied. After about an hour or two (depending on the temperature of the concrete and the relative humidity), this first coat is scraped and vacuumed to remove excess vinyl chip, another coat of polyaspartic is applied. This topcoat is clear, includes a grip additive for traction, and is applied first with a squeegee and then back-rolled with a 3/8” nap roller pad to ensure a smooth finish. With installation complete, a floor treated with polyaspartic protection can be walked on after 6 hours; many of Garage Outfitters’ installations are to garage floors, and customers are able to drive vehicles back on the floor after only 24 hours of cure time!

For more information about our polyaspartic protection systems, epoxy installs, or grinding and preparation equipment, please contact a company representative at 802.879.6400. Our company completes free estimates, and is happy to provide both residential and commercial references to potential clients.


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